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About Us

We’re a fully integratedstartup studio and augmented teamthat helps bring digital products to market.

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    Product Development
    Build your next digital product or feature with our expert team of product professionals.
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    Team Augmentation
    Dedicated senior talent that integrates directly with your existing team and the full support of our studio resources.
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    Application Development
    Have an idea you want to bring to market? Our studio team works with you to bring your dreams to life.
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    Website Development
    Beautifully designed and developed websites built on a headless CMS that makes management a breeze.
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Our Process

At Manafall, we follow an agile product process that includes you in the journey. We work with you to not only bring your product to market, but continue to innovate with post-launch support.

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    We dive deep into user and market research to finely document how to best build and support your idea, and package it into one easy-to-read document that can be shared with your team.
  2. 02.
    Prototyping and more. We continue to conduct user interviews and test early-stage product concepts to rapidly test features, design, content, and monetization strategies.
  3. 03.
    We get to work building a highly scalable modern website or digital product using the best tools and languages specifically chosen to meet you and your customers' needs.
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    Continuous innovation and development is the key of what makes companies successful. We continue to innovate and optimize projects after launch to help you grow and scale.
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What Our Clients Say

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The technology Manafall chose for the website best served our unique needs as a volunteer-run organization and enabled us to fulfill ambitions eventually for future user experiences in our community. Due to their work, it will be much easier to manage our events going forward — they didn’t just rebuild our website, they designed and configured our CRM integration, prepared a user portal for future development, etc. The Manafall team dedicated themselves to our community’s unique needs by participating in our weekly committee meetings, sharing their progress and gathering feedback regularly with our community, and compiling documentation so volunteers could maintain the website they built. They designed our site very thoughtfully so that it would be easy for our nontechnical volunteers to manage the website content and event registration. Manafall was open and accommodating with our initial requests, and helped us understand the solution space well before coming to a work contract that was reasonable and achievable. The work performed was beyond our expectations, and significantly upgraded our website and infrastructure.

Shaun Applegate-Swanson & Daniel Ari Friedman
Complexity Weekend, Applied Science Conference
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Whether you need team members for your growing product team, or you need a marketing website for your new CPG brand, let’s work together.

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